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Site only horizontal on mobile

Hi, I’m a Webflow newbie and I’m having trouble making my site responsive on mobile.
Would there be a way to force the site to be used horizontally? For example, bring up a screen that recommends rotating your device only if the viewport is vertical?
Thanks to anyone who will help me

Yes, you can achieve something like this with Webflow and it is easy, too.

Just add an extra div to your layout which is visible only on mobile portrait mode, that tells site visitors to turn their device into landscape view.

At the same time you hide all other sections.
From mobile portrait and above you can display your actual content, and of course, hiding the div with the message which tells the user to flip their phone I mentioned above.

But please keep in mind, Webflow has all features to make your site responsive, also on regular mobile portrait view.

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Thanks, in this case the design is voluntarily forced horizontally.
Your answer was very helpful.