Mobile Navigation Issues

Hey guys. I’m having problems with my mobile navigation. It’s all over the place! I’m fairly new to webflow so I’m sure I’ve made an error somewhere.

On the homepage it seems to work ok in preview mode, but on the about page when clicking the hamburger menu it doesn’t work.

Images attached.

Ideally, want to get this site live tomorrow so any help would be much appreciated!


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey, @ryan585!
As I see there is a problem with navbar settings. Menu type -> (Drop down) chosen.

Sorry to bother with “wise advice and stupid questions” but what is that site made for?
It tells us the story of Tracey Walpes or trying to sell her book?
I don’t get the reason for “read my story” link at first slide/page (hero section) leading to another page instead of scrolling to another section.
There are some reviews down there which user may not see later and the way back to main page is quite complicated. scroll up --> menu --> click --> main page --> scroll
no chance to “one click” to main

Hey Lavreus. Got it! Thanks a lot. And thanks for your wise advice totally agree. Yeah its all slightly odd! Its trying to do both which isn’t too clever. I will most certainly add a link back to homepage from logo - well spotted!