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Mobile Menu Interaction Buggy


Doing some work on this site and I’ve messed with the mobile menu and it seems to not be working for me anymore. I have an interaction set up on the hamburger lottie to get the mobile menu to slide in from the right side of the screen. It works fine in the designer preview mode but not in published Chrome or Safari. All other parts of the interaction work except the menu doesn’t appear, and it seems to still overlay the screen as you can’t scroll main content anymore. Something seems to be weird about how its working too because sometimes it will make my Chrome crash. Should I just rebuild the interaction from scratch? Thinking it could be something with positioning (fixed) or similar. Let me know if theres a way to get this fixed! Thanks

Menu working on old publish:
Not on new publish:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Benshi Creative

Hi @JesseDuFresne, thanks for your post, it looks like there is some custom code that is causing the new published site to not be secure, it could also have an impact to the menu as well.

Custom code is only rendered on the published site, so if there are any issues with custom code, you will only see that on the published site.

I would try to remove the custom code used temporarily, republish, then test again.

I would also check the nav mobile menu on mobile portrait, there are some unusual styling which I think is pushing the mobile menu off the visible area of the page on the new published site:

Shared with CloudApp

On mobile portrait, I might change the Top to something like 60px from 112%:

Shared with CloudApp

I hope this helps