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Mobile Menu Interaction Not Working (Maybe a Bug)

Hi there,

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On tablet and mobile I have an interaction set up when pressing the hamburger menu. The interaction moves the ‘Mobile Menu’ into view. And then I have another interaction set up on the ‘Mobile_Menu_Close_Link’ which moves the ‘Mobile Menu’ out of view.

For some reason when you open the menu and then close it you can no longer press any buttons or links on the entire page. I have no idea why this is happening. I’ve tried everything. Is this a bug? Please help!


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Hi There Rebecca,

I think that using the wf navbar element, with the wf button but with a custom menu, makes a bit of a mess under the hood.
Either use the hole wf navbar component with the menu interaction and sub components, or create a custom navbar and a custom button.

Whenever you click the wf button, it opens a wf menu overlay item, which suppose to interact with the original wf menu element:

*There might be another way to solve this, but I am not sure:
Try adding the .w-nav-overlay classname to the menu you created, and apply the closing interaction on it again (targeting this classname).

Awesome. I just created a custom menu button and it works now. Thank you!!!