Mobile menu doesn't work


The menu, when you open my site on a mobile phone, doesn’t work. I mean when you go to my live published website on your mobile phone the menu links don’t work.

They do work in the webflow version. (but you are not on ur phone then)

Anyone know why it doesn’t work?

Here is my webflow link:

Webflow - Protonna

Live site:
(open this on the phone and try to click on a menu-item)

Hey @Mourik,

It seems to work if you set an initial state on your menu action.


One part of the problem is solved now! The menu can be opened.

Next problem: The links doesn’t work on a mobile phone.
When you click on it, nothing happens.

Know what to do?

Sorry, which link does not work?

These ones. At least when you are on the mobile phone.

Hmm, good question, I can’t seem to duplicate the error on my site, and since the issue is after published I cannot test my fix.

You do seem to have unnecessary div blocks which may cause some problems.


I know you have padding and margins set, but you can simplify it.

As for the links, I believe you are using text links, but I would recommend using a link block. You can then make it 100% width, and nest your text inside. This means that they have a larger surface area they can click.

You can check out my menu from my site if you would like to see what I mean.

Yes! It worked. The unnecessary divs seems to be the problem. After I deleted the unnecessary divs and published the website, every menu-link worked.
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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