Mobile lightbox scrolling issues (background scrolling in Safari)


I have some issues with the lightbox on a CMS page. First of all, the background is scrolling up and down when swiping left and right. It seems to be mainly ok in Chrome but I was able to randomly replicate the problem there too.

It seems to be an issue mainly when entering the lightbox, if you leave it for a while and then continue swiping through the lightbox gallery, the background movement stops.

The other issue is just with one of the collection pages (the others seem to work fine), where you can’t even swipe back and forth - between seemingly random images I’m not able to swipe at all and I have to tap on the image to move to the next one. Between others, it’s just hard - you need several tries and bigger pressure. It works fine on desktop and even mobile Chrome, it occurs on iPhones and on iPad in split view.

The affected page is this one: Hotel Hawel v Hřensku | Hanousek & partneři

Has anyone had similar issues? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: