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Is it possible to reproduce in Webflow? : Fade between fixed background images while scrolling

EDIT: Hmm, realizing that perhaps fullpage.js is the solution for this :thinking:
EDIT 2: So, this is strange. Fullpage.js works in collection templates in one site, but not in a other sites… bug hunting!

I have a client that wants to publish customer stories (via the CMS-system) broken up in to small texts and images/videos that changes as the user scrolls down. On source of inspiration is this storytelling layout.

I have set up a demo here using Interaction element trigger: ‘while scrolling in view’ on the fullscreen images, as getting fixed background images to work om mobile devices requires more that out-of-the-box Webflow functionality. It sort of works, but its more parallax than fixed scrolling and there is some performance issues with parallax scrolling large images on older mobile devices.

Anybody with ideas on how to build a fixed image fade-when-scroll functionality (that works on mobile devices) in Webflow?

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