Lightbox Thumbnails Scrolling Bug (phone)

This is a bug that, as far as I can tell, goes back to 2016 and is yet to be resolved. I’m hoping that Webflow has a fix to this, or at the very least can provide some custom code to fix it. Thank you in advance!

The lightbox thumbnails on phone act erratically. For lightboxes that exceed 5 images, scrolling to image 6 and beyond will make the thumbnails scroll left and right. This is very confusing, and obviously a bug.

Sorry, we can’t provide a read-only link, but this video shows the issue.


I have found other third party libraries more compatible with most devices and after dealing with rotation issues on client sites I settled on Swiper for use on multiple platforms and sites. It’s free and open source.

Hi Jeff, thanks for the Swiper suggestion. It looks great, but I was hoping to avert adding another third party “hack” to replace Webflow’s existing lightbox :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully Webflow will be able to reply with a solution for their built-in lightbox :pray:

I don’t remember it ever working well and that is going on many years now. I waited way to long. One should not consider a superior solution a hack IMHO. It’s your visitors who suffer. Wish you the best.

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I think you’re right, Jeff. After contacting webflow directly and receiving a canned response that was unhelpful, it seems they don’t want to address the lightbox issue (or even acknowledge that it’s a bug).

I will look into implementing Swiper, thanks again for your suggestion.

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