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[Resolved] Lightbox Mobile issue

Issue 1)
On mobile and tablet if you have a lightbox image in your site and you happen to touch it will scrolling down the site it will activate the lightbox when the page finished scrolling. This isn’t so much an issue if you only have a couple lightboxes on a page but if you have a page with a lot of the thumbnails the likelihood of touching one while scrolling the page is much higher. And on Mobile the lightbox images are much larger so they’re even harder to avoid while scrolling.

Issue 2)
I’m still getting a lot of strange behavior on Mobile Landscape. Doesn’t happen all the time but it’s not hard to get it to happen (See Images) Also, when it starts doing this you can’t close the lightbox without having to reload the page.


Thanks for pointing these out. We’ll take a look to see what’s causing this.

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Hi there, Lightbox is great on desk/laptop but I’m having the issue listed above also. When I scroll through on a tablet or smartphone the lightbox automatically opens up. I have to have this fixed before I can launch.

I’ve also tried to create an interaction for clicking video thumbnails (on mobile devices)
- click once hidden text becomes visible in front of the image
- click twice return to normal (i.e. play video in lightbox)

being able to do both would be ideal but PLEASE create a fix that will allow for scrolling through thumbnails without launching the lightbox!

Thank you so much for the project and all your help

Hi there and thank you for your work with the lightbox!

I do however have a minor problem on phones. I use a Vimeo video and I cant play it. There is like something is on top if the video making me not be able to push play. Any idea why?


Agreed @benjamin I’m working on a site now composed mostly of thumbnails leading to a lightbox. Site is unusable when you go to mobile.

Thanks for the feedback guys! We’re looking into it.

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@bryantay, @benjamin, @Nicknameddesign could you tell us what devices and operating systems you are experiencing issues on? It would help us greatly!

Also @Nicknameddesign, are you experiencing other issues apart from the scrolling problem described above?

I’m on an iPhone 56 running 7.1.2

Everything else works great on the lightbox. It would just be nice to be able to deactivate on mobile and leave the thumbnail.


Thanks for getting back to me.
I’ve tested this on the following and doesn’t seem to be ios specific (haven’t tested on android etc.)
iphone 4, 4s, 5s & ipad1, ipad2 & ipad3
multiple ios’s 6 - 7
As Nick namedesign says disabling on an iphone and using thumbnails would be fine but on the tablet (ipad) there needs to be some fix (maybe double tap?).
looking forward to the fix.
Thanks so much!

@Nicknameddesign, @benjamin, I am having trouble reproducing the issue, can one of you give me a link to a website you’ve built where the issue exists?

I appreciate it!

@sorin You can go here…

Scroll down a bit to get to the thumbnails… then (using an iOS device) touch one of the thumbnails as you scroll and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Especially try scrolling past the thumbnails on an iPhone… Can’t be done without the lightboxes constantly inadvertantly showing.

This seems to affect all iOS devices. Not sure about android and others.

yes sorry to have been away and missed your reply. @bryantay is correct in his description. all iOS devices are effected when trying to slide over thumbnails lightbox constantly pops up.

FYI. It happens on sliders to. If you try to scroll past a slider and happen to touch it , the slider will advance to the next slide. Not as big of an issue but still a bit annoying.

Thank you guys. I managed to reproduce and fix the issue. It should land in production soon.

@bryantay, I could not however reproduce your landscape issue. I have tried your site on iOS 6 and 7 on both iPhone and iPad (simulators).

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great to hear @sorin. Do you think you’ll be able to fix the same issue with the slider?

The same change fixes the issue with the slider as well.

great! looking forward to the update

@sorin … any idea when we might see the fix rolled out in production??


Hi guys!

I have a lot of problems with lightbox. I just want to point the things out to you guys. I hope you can fix them soon because its a great feature in Webflow :smiley:

  1. On phones and tablets my lightbox is not able to play movies.
  2. The close button is not visible at all and I can’t close it by clicking outside the movie.

Thanks for your great support! :smiley:

I know you guys are aware & working on lightbox issues, but just thought I’d mention the issues I’m experiencing:
ipad & iphone
*impossible to scroll the gallery without activating the lightbox.
*difficulty closing the images/videos (often hard to get “x” to appear)
iphone specific (4s)
*scrolling up activates the iphone menu, but when scrolling down the menu either doesn’t disappear or the gallery appears at the bottom of the page below the lightbox images.
*difficulty exiting the lightbox videos - often takes multiple taps or sometimes I can’t exit at all.
*switching from portrait to landscape while an image is open, it opens about 1/3 up the screen leaving a lot of black space below.

I am a newbie, so apologies if some of my issues are due to my lack of skill :slight_smile: