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Mobile Preview & Mobile browser show different results

Support asked me to post this here, so here goes
My original email:

The mobile view of my site (pressing preview on the top left of the designer and setting the view to “mobile - portrait”) looks ok. So i publish, and go to the url on my phone to double check.
However, when i actually open the site on a mobile browser (iphone, safari) it looks really bad. The FAQ and Contact sections overlap.

Any ideas on how i could fix this?

I got a reply from support saying it may be the animation I had, but I removed it and the problem persists.

Screenshots on IOS:

Thank you!

It seems you have an unresponsive site issue with the use of fixed heights.

But I would like to take a closer look and tell you the exact problem so please post you read only link. :wink: Thanks.

I have the same problem. So, I thought I would post my link too.

@finlayconn Can you please post your official website link as well? Thanks!

Issue appears to be happening on iPhone 5s Safari.

FIXED: The columns that are now vertically aligned were overlapping each other. I used flexbox and made the col expand. worked after that.

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thank you!

Hi @BenFerst, thanks for the read-only link, I have been looking at the site, and everything so far looks ok to me. I tested in Android mobile and the layout is correct. I think there is something about iOS 9 safari that is not rendering the page correctly, and I am investigating that.

As soon as I have more info, I will update.

See my screenshot from Android:

hey dave, any updates? This is kind of a big deal for me.
thank you

edit: fixed, same fix as finlayconn above ^
Flexbox was set to 50% columns, but i changed them to expand. Not sure why 50% isn’t working though, might be worth looking into.

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