Mobile Layout Different Once Published

Hi All,

Was wondering if I could get some help with a mobile layout issue I’m having. When I"m in designer the imagery and text is close together with minimal gap, but when published this large game is created(screenshots attached). Can anyone help me out with what might be causing this please?

published page: Nossa Imports | Importing the Finest Mexican Wines

Read only designer link below.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Nossa Imports)
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Hey! I believe it has something to do with one of your scroll animations. Here’s a video showing what I found: Walkthrough

If you have toggle live preview on for your scroll animations you can see exactly what they will look like in the browser when you scroll in the designer.

Wow thanks Austin! That makes perfect sense. Thank you for making a Loom video so it was easy to see as well.

You’re a lifesaver!

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Hey glad that solved it for you! Happy to help!

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