Mobile Version Not Displaying Images Correctly When PUBLISHED

Hi everyone! On my website I have created for my client, I created a page that works beautifully on the desktop version, but when I pull it up on my phone, none of the images are spaced right, the composition is off, and the spaces between images is horrendous. I can’t figure out why it is different on the mobile version, and it only seems to show up wrong when I publish it. I have tried so many different things but I keep coming up with something different. I am fairly new to Webflow so I might have just built the page terribly. If someone could help, that would be amazing because I am at my wit’s end with this one. I have linked my read only site!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Read Only Site

This is the site, it’s easier to see what the issue is on the mobile version when it’s published.