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Mobile First Grid

Can a member of staff confirm if webflow will be moving to a mobile first grid, and if so if it’s already being worked on or not?


@mention79 Yes, we have plans to offer a much more flexible grid system, which would include a mobile-first option (but you’ll need to opt-in to it during site creation for a specific new site). This is a big undertaking for us with a lot of unknowns still, however, so we unfortunately don’t have any timeframes that we can share at the moment.

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What is a mobile first grid?

@seank It’s the ability to design for the smallest screens first, then move up in size to progressively enhance the experience for larger devices and faster internet connections.

Here’s an overview:

Makes sense now. Thank you @callmevlad for sharing.

That’s good to hear, as I’d like to be able to use webflow for production on larger sites at the design studio that I work at, but at the moment the lack of a mobile first grid prohibits me from using it at work as it doesn’t meet the current web standards, so I’m only able to use it on small projects or for prototyping before coding manually. So I’m glad to hear that it’s being worked on, as I’d like to make webflow a standard web design tool in our studio and I’m sure from other posts that I’ve read that others on here are keen on this also. So the quicker the better please.


@callmevlad This is such a requirement for me. Can this feature be voted up?