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Mobile First Design

I remember talks about having the option to build from a mobile first design. My question is where are we on implementing this feature? - btw love the new client billing!


Mobile first doesn’t mean that you design the mobile view first, at all.

Mobile first means that your business addresses the mobile platform/usage/UX/market/crowd first. And doing so, websites and apps appear to be developped for mobile first.

But responsivity with media queries are what they are, they cascade down.

And in the end there is nothing preventing you to work on the mobile view in webflow first. It’s just a bit counter intuitive but I don’t see why not.

Also, when you address mobile first, even if it’s only the design, it just makes sense that you’re building a mobile only layout. When you’re focused o a mobile experience, then the web pages shouldn’t suffer from having to be responsive. Using scripts to target OS, build several versions of your site.

So in the end I understand the request, but I think that if we need something it’s a “Mobile only” version of the designer, to build mobile first websites and web apps.


Thank you @vincent - that does make sense.

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