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Mobile content overflowing into other sections problem


I am having some trouble designing in the mobile breakpoint view.

I am adding content to the mobile view and Webflow clearly shows on my computer that I still have some space to add content, but whenever I preview the website with screenfly, the content just simply overflows into the other sections.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Is it my screen? Am I missing a step?

It’s kind of annoying because I’m designing and my editor shows that I still have some room, but whenever I go to see the live version, it messes up all my content, and they all overflow into other sections.

Here is my site link so you can have a view.

For those wondering what the live site looks like, here is a link to it. When choosing the mobile, everything overflows into the other sections

I may have found a solution, the section needs to be set to auto height in order to fit all the content without overflowing into the next section.

Kind of a weird workaround. If anyone has any explanation or even another solution to this it would be helpful!