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Fixed Element Not Enabling Scroll on Mobile


I have a simple pop up window overlay that is set to a fixed, full screen position. I have the overflow on this element set to scroll. In preview mode this design works as intended, but when published this design breaks down on my mobile phone screen. Elements within the fixed div are overlapping each other as if there is no scroll. I have used this technique before and it worked fine. Not sure why this is happening unless I am missing something painfully obvious. Please see my read only link and compare the two screen shots below, one from the Webflow preview interface and one from live published site on mobile.

Thanks for any help in advance. This project needs to be shipped asap and I have already spent a couple extra hours toying with settings with no fix.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

try removing the min height and fit parameters on the outer container?

Not sure which element you are talking about. I do not have a min height set for any of the elements within that feature.

You did before, have you tried making the overflow to auto instead of scroll?