I have an overflow issue

I cant work out why my mobile screen home page I have an overflow, I have tried turning off the overflow on many sections and the body but it still seems to be overflowing. Would really appreciate it if someone could find out why this is overflowing?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK Webflow - Hayley Jones Studio
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On your page wrapper, make sure the overflow is being set to show for all viewports. The overflow: scroll & max height is what seemed to be causing the issue on mobile.

Just like this?

This is what happens when I do that?

Remove the max height & that should fix it.

Really confused now… just removed the max height then this happened?

The Max H should be blank. Or set it to “None”.


I just learnt how to reset it it back to ‘None’ so it now works. Thank you for your help!