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Mixitup js not working due to mixed http/https content on page

I have been using mixitup to sort projects thumbnails in my portfolio but have only been hosting the site on the domain until today when I pushed it to the .com domain. Now none of the thumbs will show up on the .com domain…
Can’t really figure out why It shows up on the and not on the .com version.

Can anyone help?

I figured out it was the SSL certificate that was blocking it from working correctly.
Once I disabled the SSL and reconfigured my domain it worked like it should.

Does anyone know why this happens?

Figured it out. I was using http:// instead of https:// in my script.

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Hi @froonthego, yep you correctly spotted the issue, since the site was probably using https, the source scripts/images must also use https. If you are using http, then the scripts and images must be served from an http source.

The browser blocks those mixed content requests. Let me know in case of any issues.

Thanks for sharing your findings!

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