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Uploads folder not https: causing issues

Hi Guys

I have seen the forums about relative images not showing and published code broken, and I have tried doing the same things you have suggested, logged out and in again, republished several times and the image that have interactions on them won’t show. It looks fine on but not on the version.

Thanks for your help

this is how it should look

It appears to be an issue with the https:// status of the site. Any ideas what scripts they are talking about?

It seems to not like the fact that the is not https://

Go to your dashboard > Hosting tab > At the very bottom, check Publish images via SSL.

Clear cache and reload and you should be good. Also make sure that your external scripts if any are also served via https.


Perfect, worked first time. That’s a trick for young players, I should of know better. Thanks for the help your a superstar!!

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