Cycle2js not working when I enabled SSL on my domain

I have a CMS slider (which can be seen when you click the two animated pointy hands) on my site which was working fine until I enabled SSL on my domain.

However, when I view the site on the webflow domain, it still works

Not working domain:
Working Webflow domain:

Can anyone tell me what I need to update?
Many thanks in advance.

bump, anyone? :slight_smile:
much appreciaed

Are you calling a JS file with a URL somewhere in the body or head of the site? If yes, this call must be a https call.

When you have a HTPPS page, everything you include and embed inside of it must be hosted on an HTTPS server too.

Hi Vincent.

I have changed the https path on the js code (see attached)
Still not working, any thoughts?

Many thanks for your reply.

34 301 redirects to the non https version.

You’ll want to find the same script hosted elsewhere, or host it on github gist yourself.