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Missing side-bar features (bug?)

I have started experiencing this problem since yesterday.

The left and right development sidebars no longer show the icons used to set the properties of my design.

I have tried running Webflow in Incognito mode, as per the article, but that didn’t help.

Please see examples below:

Hmm strange. If you use chrome right-click inspection tool in the “empty” sidebar, are the elements even there. This will help distinguish if its just not visibly there or the webflow interface isn’t loading the elements at all.

Also, try accessing from another machine and see if it is the same result.

Hi guys, there was a problem with our CDN’s London Point of Presence, serving corrupted PNGs, which caused browser rendering issues. That issue has been fixed as of 8am PST. Let us know if you guys are still experiencing it!

That’s around the time it was fixed for me. Thanks guys