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Missing field in mailchimp from signup form


I have a form embedded on my site for gathering job applications. It’s hooked up to Mail Chimp.

Theres one field ‘specialism’ which is not making it through to my Mail Chimp list.

Does anyone know why this might be?

The page is:

Here’s my private link:

Thanks for your time - hope everyone’s having a good week,


Hey Alex,

Mail chimp only recognizes certain fields:

MailChimp currently supports the following fields. Additional fields will be ignored.

First Name
Last Name

This is from MailChimp signup form integration

I’d suggest using a single field for the full name but list it as first name only or last name so you can use the other for your specialism field and label it that way so it will come through mail chimp as first name or last name. Other than that, you’d have to use a specialized form or use zapier to somehow automate it. Good Luck!

I understand. Thanks for your reply.

So if I’ve had the form running is there any way of retrieving the lost data in Webflow somewhere?

Hi @asmilansky, unfortunately, when the action field is set to mailchimp, the form submissions are not saved in Webflow.

I know this is probably not the answer you would like to hear, I wish there was something I could do further on this to help. You might check with Mailchimp, as it is their server that accepts or not the form submissions, but I doubt this info is saved anywhere.

I hope this helps.

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