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Webflow & Mailchimp issues

I want to connect a signup form to a mailchimp list.

I followed this tutorial: MailChimp signup form integration

Posted the form action into the action field in webflow and set it to POST.

When I put my email in the email field i get redirected to a seperate mailchimp styled signup page.

Do you know what might be the matter?



Hi Alex, thanks for getting in touch. It would help a lot to have a read-only link to the site, to see how the form is setup. It looks like some custom setup issue:

Also, if you can share the link to the published page, that will help to see what messages are shown.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Dave.
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There are three instances of the form - the easiest one to access is right at the bottom of the page. If we can crack it there then I’ll apply to the rest.



Hi Dave - any chance you managed to take a look at this?



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