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I have my tab animation set up exactly as the tutorial video, but can't seem to get it to close properly

I am referring to the interaction “Tab Select” which I have setup exactly like the tutorial (except without movement, only opacity) which works fine when clicking on another tab, but the closing interaction doesn’t activate. It looks fine when I click “Preview” in the interactions menu, but when previewing the site and trying, the closing interaction doesn’t activate.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated:


Maybe I’m misunderstanding the problem, but I believe the default nature of tabbed content is NOT to close on the second click of a tab. You just go from info block to info block as you click the different tabs. Now you can start with NO info showing at first, but that’s the only time content doesn’t show. You might set up some tedious interactions to hide it, but that defeats the ease of use I think.

Perhaps you’re thinking of the show/hide divs?

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