Issue with Div not showing up

For some reason, the container in my first “Section General” doesn’t show up when I go into preview mode (see below). It shows up when I’m working and on the live site, but not in Webflow preview. It’s the section with the guy with curly hair and a girl looking at a tablet.

Work Mode

Preview Mode

@chrisgreer33 It’s hidden on the first load and appears when you scroll down than up again.

You’ve added an interaction called Fade on Scroll to first container too. Fade on Scroll starts with opacity 0%. if you disable that interaction from the first container voila it works!

Hope this helps.


@erbils, there is supposed to be an interaction on Call Out Box Container. Each section has the same interaction on the same type of container, but they work and show.

Can you try changing the offset?

@PixelGeek Offset? Sorry you lost me at offset.

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