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Missing date-field: CMS-filter-set-to-date to not possible! + cinema-calendar: problem limit to 20 CMS lists (=20/31 days only possible)

Hello @matthewpmunger and @Lindapham
As you gave me a solution for 12 months calendar… (topic: How am I at the 20 CMS collections per page limit? )

BUG 1:
I now need for an other project: 31 days with each a collection-list … not possible because limit is 20 collection lists!

BUG 2:
I now filter on each collection-list by an extra record ‘number of the day’ because it is not possible to filter the collection on a specifiek date = BUG = missig datefield!!

look to my project: redesign because website is not responsive : hove a look to the hour-calendar:
my webflow project:

Thanks to make it possible to add 31 collection list on 1 page!

now with the grid it is very ease to make a calander responsive:

but I need more collection lists!!
other wise I need to use an extra website implementation www.localendar.Com what I don’t want because webflow is the best…

Thanks, I looking forward to a solution

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