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Day-month-year forgotten + CMS-arranging-fields not the same arrange in content-selecting for data-div + empty div becomes left-top?


Please check this out: for Belgian and Dutch people:
I want to work with Dutch table of dates: day/month/year

Problem 1) export this to tabledata.csv and import this to webflow: but there is a problem for the date-field! It does not see correct that this can also be a date!! So the format day-month-year forgotten

Problem 2)
Why a cms item that is empty moves up to the left top of the browser, it should stay on the same place to be able to click on it to change for example the typographie,…

Problem 3)
Also a problem when I want to select my inputfields: they are not listed the way I asked into the collection-list-properties… Can webflow add the possibility to arrange the fields the they are inputted?

Thanks to check it out webflow team

my shared project:

my test is with the and (found tuturial on ) because I needed more fields than only date!

problem 4) also I found that webflow was not able to link a data of google to a text-field: because I had also a problem that the google calendar exports to many data : date, hour/minutes/secondes, time-zone … so I couldn’t use google calendar …

or is there an other way to create an overview for webflow that only exports the date to webflow, via ZAPIER?

i found a solution for udating Webflow collection with Zapier via id of
watch on youtube

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