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Wrong day in dates

Hi there

I have a problem with a date field in a cms collection. I made a filter for 2 elements. First show before today and second show after today. this works great.

Now the problem is it should change the day in my timezone (set up properly in the settings). I already have the next day in my system but webflow works with another day-change-timezone…

For this website the element has to change on midnight in my timezone but webflow shows me the last day after midnight.

The images shows the calendar in webflow cms and my one date/time from the system.
So in the webflow page “today” is showing the 7th but i already have the 8th…

As mentioned the timezone in the settings i’ve already set up correctly…

Any ideas?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-08 um 00.25.18


have you set up your timezone in the project settings? :slight_smile:

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