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How am I at the 20 CMS collections per page limit?

Webflow give a popup while I only have 11 CMS on a single page website: I need 12 months for a calender!

Why is there a problem?


look to what I want: 12 airtable tables with zapier connected to 12 cms databases

Why is there a problem because I don’t have 20 CMS collections

I wonder if the warning is because you are trying to using the same collection 12 times. I was not aware of a soft limit on that, but it is possible. Someone with @webflow could chime in.

You could test this by adding another collection list from a completely separate collection. If the error does not then occur it would point to the same collection limit I said was possible.

Note: I am just providing an educated guess.

Hey @KarelRosseel82

Looking at your preview link, I find 20 collection lists inside of the all months agenda symbol. It seems that you’re using collection lists for the days of the week labels. If those labels don’t have to be dynamic, then I suggest making them static text and removing those collection lists. That would bring you back below the 20 limit.

Hope that helps.

thx good idea… now I see why it occurs
But the problem is for the days also: when I want a cinema-calendar: I need 31 collection-lists on one webpage!
look to this problem: How to make cinema-calendar: problem limit to 20 CMS lists (=20/31 days only possible)

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