Missing Controls in Relative Positioning 2

I’ve seen this addressed before and I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong here, but when selecting the relative positioning button, I only get limited options. I’ve attached a screenshot from the tutorial on the subject and from what I see.


Can anyone please explain this?



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What you need to do? Show your project link. And try to use margins (not positions value).



I’m currently learning how webflow works and when watching tutorials, if there’s something that does not reflect my experience accurately, I have to ask for help, and fortunately, the community has been great so far.

Hmm… Show image with your design) Don’t understand what you need to do)

There’s no design there yet, I just want to follow exactly the tutorial displaying this feature and it does not have the same outcome. Is this possibly a bug? Do you see the extra positioning options when you select the relative? Thanks for the patience bro-design :slight_smile:

Where you see this tutorial?) In relative mode there should be no such function (logically).
This button with positions is only in «Absolute» and «Fixed» mode.

This is why I’m confused

Maybe after uploading this manual have fixed this bug… But I’m not sure.

Need a response of support)

Should I register this as a bug or just contact support?

I think that in relative mode should not have these buttons (which are shown in the video).

So try to contact support.