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Help! Webflow Absolute Positioning Issue

This page has a button set to Absolute. I know that Absolute positioning, by default sets itself around the body if it doesn’t find any parent which is relative.

In this case, I have no parent relative to the button which is set to Absolute positioning. I want to place the button at the very bottom-left of the entire page. But when I use the corner in Absolute, the button is placed only at the bottom-right of the first viewport (first 100vh).

My doubt is that the body extends completely to the end of the page right? So, why doesn’t, it go to the extreme bottom-right of the page?

I know how I can place the button here alternatively, but I want to know why it isn’t working in this scenario. Please help.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Port 1

You can find the answer here:

Hey, @piotr_k Thanks for the link! I read it but didn’t really understand the concept of containing block.

This is really interesting! Can you try the following?

  1. Add a Div block anywhere on the page
  2. Add the class bodyforthispage to the Div block
  3. In the Style panel, set bodyforthispage to relative position
  4. Delete the Div block

(We’re doing this because, by default, Webflow keeps the body element on static position — but adding and styling a Div block, we bypass that default and use the Div block to style the class applied to the body.)

Without this, an absolutely positioned element won’t render based on the total size of the page body; it’ll position itself relative to the viewport on page load. By setting the body to relative position, the button should show up on the bottom-right of the body.


Worked like MAGIC! :wink:

So I guess, Absolute positioned elements by default position themselves around the first 100vh when the page loads.

Big fan :slight_smile: :heart:

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Hi Ajay,

containing block of any HTML element is a box/rectangle - here is more explaination.

Body element is the root element. For root elements containing block is called initial containing block and it has dimensions of the viewport.

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