Having problem with Positioning the buttons in one section

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new in designing web and using webflow. I have problem with positioning the buttons in one section. Every time I change the position of button to Relative, the positions of all buttons change, and every time I change it to static, the button disappears. When I use padding and margin, the positions of all buttons change. I’m really confused about positioning and stuff like that.

Is there any specific tutorial about positioning several buttons in one section? when it should be static, when it should be relative? when we should change the position from relative to static?
For example, when we have four buttons in one section, how we should position each of them, so the other buttons would not be effected?

I would be really grateful, if you help me in this matter.

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  1. Why not sharing your read only link?

2/ Check if the buttons are all in position: absolute

Thank you so much.

This is the link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/negars-portfolio?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=negars-portfolio&preview=3290258fc6bb3c3f83b89bf9deaa6a8a&pageId=5fbbd71aacf7959cb6cdfdad&mode=preview

I just want to put buttons in one section diagonally. For contact page, I have a problem.
I changed the position of one button (Home button) to absolute, but all the buttons disappeared.


Can You send A screen shot of what you are trying to achieve - “before & after” :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.

I just want to put each button on each finger. It would be better if I send the my recorded screen to you, but I’m not permitted to upload videos.


Your read only link return 404 error :frowning:


This is the link: