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Mirroring WordPress Blog

Since Webflow doesn’t allow for mass-editing redirects, I can’t see myself importing my WordPress blog content to Webflow, but this led me to another Q…

Is it possible to host my blog on WordPress, then have Webflow somehow mirror the blog content via an RSS feed or something similar?

Just to clarify, I want to continue using WordPress as my CMS but somehow feed the blog content into Webflow so that I can use Webflow to ‘host’ the blog and blog posts?

Is this possible? Let me know, thank you!

You only have two options to pull remote content into WF. You can frame pages which can create all kinds of responsive issues or you can code an Ajax solution to fetch content via the Wordpress REST API. Since you control both resources you will be able to address CORS. Since you asked what / how this could happen, you probably need to hire a developer to make it happen.

You do have another option. That is to use the Webflow plugin for Wordpress and use that on Wordpress to “Pull” in content from WF seamlessly.