Hosting articles written on Wordpress on webflow

I currently have a CMS plan for Webflow and I am hosting my site on Webflow. I would like to know if it is possible to have an integration with Wordpress that would allow me to sync Blog articles from webpress to Webflow and host on Webflow.

Reading through this article seems like the other way around is possible, develop on Webflow and host on Wordpress.
I would like to use WordPress just for article creation but host on Webflow.
Can webflow host a wordpress created site?

Thanks and appreciate the help.

No. You might be able to write a integration using Wordpress to Webflow’s API. Zapier or integromat might have one you could use.

Thanks @webdev for the quick response.

If I were to use Webflow/Wordpress plugin would I be to copy the website developed on webflow over to a Managed WP on NameCheap as I want to use Managed WP just for the blogs.

You need to have a hosting plan or an account plan that allows for API access to a Webflow site. Then you can use the plugin to “pull” pages into the WP site based on slugs. You should play with it yourself to see if it meets your needs.

thanks a lot for you help.

On more question, is it possible to copy over wordpress developed Blogs on to Webflow and host on Webflow with a CMS Plan. Essentially I have SEO and other optimizations that Wordpress does better and would like to avail that with Webflow hosting.

CSV imports are possible. Be sure to look closer at what you might be giving up.