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Redirect just my /blog page to Flywheel?

Hey I want to host my main website in Webflow and just redirect the /blog which will be on WordPress to flywheel. I’ve been told by the Flywheel support that in Webflow I need to enable reverse proxy but I can’t seem to find any information on how to do that.

Has anybody done something like this?

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You would need to point to a server that supports proxying then pull in the Webflow site and the Wordpress site. Spin up a NGINX or Apache server in the cloud or use Cloudflare workers. It’s doable but involves some risk and workarounds. Why not just migrate the design to Wordpress?

I still want to use Webflow, because it allows me to extremely quickly build new pages with very low effort, however the CMS for blogging on Wordpress is superior

You might consider using the Webflow wordpress plugin. It proxies the content from any webflow page into wordpress at a specific slug. Might be what you need.