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Minecraft Website

So I have posted this previously, but I thought I’d start a new topic.

I’ve been working alot on the design of this website… possibly far too much but I’m getting close to something I’m really happy with now!

There are a few things I still want to do. I’d love to be able to implement jQuery Fullscreen script (but im struggling to work out how to implement it :P, any boffins out there?).

Ok, so here’s the website link.

Mental Block Gaming.

And for anyone that plays minecraft do follow these guys on facebook/twitter they have one insane map about 95% complete. Please also share with your minecraft friends / kids / family (basically anyone minecraft!)

Comments & critique welcome on the site design… (note the mobile website is not good… something I will look at but not focus on due to the target market)


The contact form is quite novel! Great work!

Thanks!.. on that note for some reason I just cannot for the life of me find where to edit the colour of the text within the box… any ideas?

should be background of element…

minercrafter here as well :wink:

put up a public link.

Great to hear! Keep an eye out for this one it has over 16 hours of game play, is 3 player and has 55 characters each with complete voice acting for all speech.

As for the ‘Put up a public link’ please can you explain what you mean by this?

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You had asked about (changing) the background color of the input.

It’s easier for someone to help (with a specific issue) if they can see your site
— as opposed to guessing at the fix.

See this thread:

Thanks! Never thought of that… I have a feeling that its because its an input box. I recall finding that input boxes are notoriously hard to customise so I’m not sure this is something that is fixable

The contact form has nice labels, like it, the site is great, but i miss some minecraft elements for the design…