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Minecraft map website for my brother

Here is a website I’ve been building for my brother. Ive been trying to flex some of the cool new interaction features webflow just announced.

Feedback welcome!


WOW! This is just awesome. GREAT JOB!

Jamie, this is amazing! Really love that you’re getting the hang of the interactions feature, and using them in subtle and effective ways.

One tiny bit of feedback is that I would change hero background PNG to a JPEG - I think you can get the file size from the current close to 1MB to under 100kb, which will load 10x faster. Otherwise the first page load, especially on mobile, feels really slow.

Also, don’t forget that you can add a custom favicon :smiley:

Thanks for the amazing feedback! :smiley:

Great tips callmevlad!

Im going to update those images now, fingers crossed they will improve the juttering when you scroll the page as well.
And ill work on an favicon!

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