Migration Starter site to CMS Plan

Hi I made a site on the Starter Free Plan, but how do I move it to the cms plan I purchased?

images check please

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @oslopay

Unfortunately there is no way at the moment to swap hosting between sites.

You can either cancel the one, and purchase a new one. Alternatively send our customer support team a message and we can take care of it.

Go here to log a request and provide the links to your sites and we will do the rest. Hosting and Domains - Transfer site hosting


Ughhhhhhhhhh, I am new to webflow but this is super frustrating that this cannot be done easily. I spent days creating a starter website and it gave me a new CMS site when I purchased.

Hey Stefano, not sure what you’ve done, but to setup CMS hosting on a site, you just go to the Settings on that site, click the Plans & Billing tab, and choose whatever plan you want.

If you’ve accidentally done that to the wrong site, contact support, they might be able to help, or credit that towards the hosting on your other site.