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Migrating from Squarespace to Webflow - Best practice

Hello everyone, hope I am posting in the right category.

As the topic says, I’m planning to move my website from SS to Webflow, and I need to understand a couple of things before moving on.

First of all, my domain is not tied to Squarespace, I simply pointed SS DNS to the domain I own (provider similar to GoDaddy).

Two broad questions:

  1. If I manage to keep the same URLs in the Webflow website, do I still need to set up 301 redirects (or any other form of redirects)?
  2. Is it correct that in order to tie the webflow website to my domain I simply need to update DNS settings in the domain control panel and this will overwrite current DNS settings pointing to squarespace?

Many thanks for helping out, sorry if questions sound dumb but I’m not that knowledgeable in this area.

No, but they must be exactly the same. You only need redirects for different/missing URLs to map to the respective new pages.

Yes, you’ll only need to update A/CNAME records on your domain name registrar’s control panel/dashboard.

That’s great @samliew, thank you very much.

Have a great day,

Anyone want to do this for us as a paid gig? @samliew

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