Migrate website hosted on Hubspot to Webflow

Hi everyone,

I currently want to use Webflow solely for redesigning our website while keeping Hubspot for CRM/contact/data purposes. I saw that there is a Hubspot and Webflow integration for forms where we can easily embed Hubspot forms into the Webflow site but I would like more clarification as to moving the site entirely from Hubspot to Webflow. Our current website is hosted within Hubspot and I would like to know how we can migrate the site, including our blog, from there to Webflow without risking any loss in data. New to this process so any information would be helpful, thanks!

Webflow does not provide any migration-in tools. You use the designer to build what you want. CSV’s can be imported so that is one way to populate collection entries if your current host supports exporting the data.

If you are just getting started then I recommend you visit the Webflow University. If you prefer you can engage an expert to do the work for you for a fee.

Thank you for the quick response. So, if I understand correctly, we would build the new website design how we want in Webflow, and once we finalize everything when we connect our domain to Webflow the current site will move from being hosted on Hubspot to Webflow with the new design we created?