How to migrate website to Webflow

Hey there!

I’m looking to migrate our website ( to Webflow. What steps are needed to do this? Is there an existing workflow I can refer to?

There is no migration tool. You would look at your design, create the layouts, then populate with content and images. Process is no different than building from scratch, except you are using an existing visual layout as your guide.

Once your site is build, you can then implement hosting. There is plenty of reference material in the university.

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Thanks for this, @webdev

One of my friend is looking to create a new website for real estate, like me. How webflow can help him?

Webflow is a tool. How you use it is really up to you. It is very flexible. You could look at the showcase to see what others have built. If your inspired to use it, there is excellent documentation available in the University.

If you prefer to have someone else do that work for you, there are plenty of talented people here you can hire.