Migrate long texts from old to new website via cms rich text

hello everyone,

i have already spent some time researching, but i can’t find a solution to the following problem:

i would like to move a blog from an old website to a new webflow. for this purpose i have created a rich text in the webflow cms. i would now like to copy the texts with their styling (i.e. including the html tags) into this rich text.

unfortunately they are not displayed in the formatting but with the html tags. what am i doing wrong?

If you’re doing a copy-paste, you need to copy-paste from a browser or other view where it will create the html format on the clipboard for you. If you’re copying the plain HTML from a file or from browser tools, it’s just plain-text on the clipboard and will paste accordingly.

If you’re adding the content via CSV upload or the API make sure you are not html-re-encoding your HTML. If you see a lot of <div> type constructions, then you’ve double-encoded your HTML and it will be expressed as plaintext in the CMS.

Thank you very much for your quick and detailed help.

However, I still don’t understand:
I have formatted an example text via an HTML editor (https://html5-editor.net/) into the HTML format (see screenshot). I would like to insert this (left) HTML text into the rich text field - but this does not work in the display…

Do you have any idea why?

I’m not sure where you’re having problems.
Depending on how that right-side wysiwyg editor is built, you should be able to simply copy from that right-side editor and paste into a Webflow rich text element, and preserve basic formatting like the H2.

Same if you are copy-pasting from a Google Doc.

If you’re trying to embed raw HTML into a rich text element, look into the Embed element that you can create inside of rich text elements. It’s on the toolbar with images, videos, and lists, and you can paste raw HTML in there.