Feature request forum for voting


Can it be a good solution to have a feature request system like Adobe XD has?

So it would be easier to see what the users like and wants the most?


That’s Uservocie. I agree, it would be much better for everyone to see what the level of support is for a requested feature.

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Great suggestion. There are feature request threads going back years here for basic things that seem to have been totally forgotten by the developers (modals, tooltips, real dropdowns, dropdowns that don’t overlap, etc). I feel like the Webflow developers just kind of do whatever interests them, not what us users need (3D transforms more important than modals?). Also, with bugs, I’ve had instances where I report something, and I’m told it’s still an open issue - but, how would know that?

Some kind of real ranking system would be super helpful. Seems kinda crazy to me that a years mature product doesn’t have that.

I totally agree with the 3D transform. Its still a mystery to me that, that got prioritised. :slight_smile:

@Waldo - interested of starting a Uservoice site? :slight_smile: