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Meta tags on individual pages

Hello @thesergie. The new multi page is fabulous but I have one question. Will we be able to enter unique custom code on individual pages? For example, if I want to add a noindex or noarchive meta tag to a specific page and not all pages.

Thank you.

Was also curious if you will be doing a refresh of the product with some of the items identified in the forum or are you doing them as they come along?

Love what you built.

Hey @larry thanks for the feedback! What I would love to do is build an easy-to-use UI that will give you these features and help others with the same thing.

So you would like for each page to have a toggle to make the page private (not indexable by search engines). Is this correct?

Also what do you mean by “refresh the product with some items?”

Hi @thesergie A toggle would be nice but I think SEO, tagging and indexing is much bigger topic and could be included in your future roadmap. For now the ability to do it all manually and “uniquely” per page would work just fine. Right now I’m (with the gracious help of @bartekkustra) trying to get Google Tag Manager working. If it works the way I’m hoping, that will handle any tagging needs on all pages. It’s sort of working but coming up with errors that I’m trying to fix. For pages that we don’t want indexed or archived by search, the ability to just add the appropriate meta tag per page should work.

Re “product refresh” just curious if you’re applying a batch of fixes (refresh) or doing them one at time? My site still opens a new window each time a user clicks to email (see this post). It’s not a panic (really) but I get people asking about it so was just curious how you do your patches. Thank you.

We’re definitely thinking about SEO, tagging, indexing, robots, etc. If you have any suggestions (whether it’s a huge description of what you think needs to be done or small features here and there) I’d love to hear them!

For now you can go to SEO tab in Site Settings and add code for each page there actually. There’s a link to the right to help you with that. But I want to make it easier for most people that don’t know what a meta tag is.

As for patches, depends on what it is we either patch it up quick or batch it with other fixes into a new revamped UI. It really depends. With bugs we usually fix em up right there if they are not too hard to fix.

Thanks @thesergie. I do have my sitemap and robots.txt entered in the SEO portion but it’s the custom code box that I was wondering if it would ever be unique to each page. The problem with entering a meta tag in the custom box is that it applies to all the pages.
Unfortunately I’m not an expert on the items we are discussing but I’d be happy to contribute ideas that have worked on other platforms.

What I meant was you can set specific pages to not be crawl-able by search engines by typing in commands like this in the robots.txt field:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /my-private-page.html
Disallow: /work-in-progress.html
Disallow: /about.html (at the bottom)

Following on from this conversation, for a small single page website, do I really need a robot.txt file?

Hi @kingcolers

It depends on if you want your singe-page website to be indexed by search engines (so people can find your site by searching for it). If you don’t want your single-page site to be searchable, then you can add something like:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

into the robots.txt field

If you don’t care whether or not search engines index your site, then you don’t need to worry about it.

Hope that helps!

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Yes, it does help. Thanks for that.

You’re very welcome @kingcolers – happy designing!