Improve your SEO with noindex control for individual pages

We’ve always provided our customers with out-of-the-box SEO management tools, but now we’re giving users of any technical acumen even more methods to improve the SEO performance of their sites.

One SEO best practice is to concentrate search traffic on the core pages of your site by removing search engines’ abilities to find your less important pages by blocking search indexing on those pages. While it’s always been possible to add a noindex tag with custom code, now you can easily turn off indexing on any page directly from your page settings, which adds to the page.

SEO settings showing sitemap indexing toggle

Turning this on for a given page ensures that search engines will skip the page when crawling it and that the page will be removed from the automatically generated sitemap file that Webflow creates for your website — ensuring your site is tuned exactly how you want it for Google and other search engines.

You can learn more in our Webflow University article.

Is the sitemap toggling button not available on CMS Collection pages?

Currently this feature is for static pages and not dynamic template pages or items.