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Custom SEO Meta Tags

Hi there,

I understand the blog templates can be changed to use dynamic CMS data to populate both Meta Title and Meta Description.

How would you customise individual blog posts that you don’t want to populate with dynamic rules?

e.g. the title works well as a title, not as a meta title.

Hi @tbal,

So if i understand well :

Let’s say you are on a template page called Articles with 3 articles (Moon - Mars - Earth)

You want to be able to add on the meta title

  • Moon is great
  • Mars is nice
  • Earth is blue

If yes, the best way to do this is :

Create a dedicated field for your Meta title

In this example, Data would be

“Great” “Nice” “Blue”

And dynamic meta title would be

“Name” is “Adjective”

Hope this helps,