Meta Tags from Collections

Is there an option to add meta tags to a page from a collection?
E.g. The name and plain text from my collection fields to be used as the Meta Title and Meta description, or would it be possible to have a Meta Tag field type which can be added to collections?

Ideally we would like to be able to define for each article in our collection what the Meta Title should be, The Meta Description, the OG:Image etc… This would dramatically improve the SEO for Collection template pages.

As Plain text, Name and Image field options are already available in the collection fields, and these have the correct formatting to be used as Meta tags, it would be great to simply assign the dynamics list items in to Template page Meta tags.

Or are we missing a feature that can already do this?


Yep we’re working on this right now!


It would be fantastic if we could use data from our collections in the Open Graph settings. That would be a great addition for any site that plans to rely on social sharing tools (i.e. blogs and the like).

If you could add twitter cards while you’re at it then, that would be totally awesome…

Twitter cards use Open Graph…so yey!

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