Twitter Card fields

Would love to get Twitter Card protocols added to the SEO section of both regular pages and to dynamic content. Is this something you guys plan to build out?

(If you can only choose one card format, I’d suggest the Summary Card with Large Image.) :smile:


Twitter uses OG title and image if there they are set.

Images aren’t showing up in Twitter when I share directly, and open graph protocol doesn’t give Twitter account attribution. It would be a really cool add for people who are using CMS to manage branded content! :slight_smile:

You can actually add any extra meta tags you want to the head code of CMS pages.

You can even hook in dynamic data.

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Oh snap that is totally true.


Hey @Elizabeth_Crouch,

Just wanted to let you know that we are working on a fix for this :)

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Fantastic, thanks! :smile:

We’ll make sure that twitter cards grab the information you already have for the OpenGraph fields. Any additional meta tags will have to be added in the head section (like the specific size of the twitter card). This can be done easily with the field variables.