Meta Redirect Creating Havoc - Please Help!

Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I was looking for a way to redirect one of my website pages. Not the whole site, just one of the pages. I have a page that allows clients to click on a link and join a Zoom call with me. The link they click on takes them to Zoom and connects them to my private meeting room and it works just fine.

But I wanted to change the page so that it would automatically redirect them to the Zoom call and not require a click.

I asked Mother Google and it was suggested that I use a tag to accomplish it.

Here is the code I added via custom code.

I did NOT add it to the head section because I forgot how to access that section (I know now), but I added a code snippet into the body section.

Now, I can’t get back into the page in Webflow to edit it. When I open the page for editing, it immediately redirects to Zoom and then errors out.

How can I get back into this page and take out the code that is causing the repeated errors?



Why can’t you revert back to a previous automatic backup, prior to when you added the code?

Hey you know Jay that’s alright, I think you’re pretty sharp… that’s the sum of knowledge in various domains that’s required to do what you do that is huge. And you got it right until the very end, you got the info, you got the code, and you only blocked yourself out at the very end, I think that’s more a success than a failure :smiley:

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:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:
Loved the response. Do I also get a ribbon, LOL?

Kidding aside, after I posted, I went ahead and restored the site and regained access. Fortunately, I had a backup available that didn’t require any rework. I now have the page redirected using Webflow’s redirect setup in the Hosting settings.