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Meta Language Tag is missing

Hey there
I’m working on my SEO thought in Bing webmaster it keeps telling me to add meta language tag. I’m not 100% sure what it means. My website use only one language why do I need to add meta language. What should I do?

Hey @jenn, at the bottom of the Custom Code in Project Settings you should see a language code input field. Filling this up should resolve the issue.

@dennyhartanto my site use only English and doesn’t wish to translate to any language. Is adding langauage code mean I have to translate my site to different language?

@jenn, nope you dont have to do any transaltion. You can just use “en” (without the quotes) on the Language code. It just helps identifying the language your site is using.

@dennyhartanto OMG it’s work! Thank you so much :innocent: